Dear Friend,

All over the World, the quality of life is battling with the tremendous technological advances taking place in every sphere of activity. The move towards a return to nature and concern for the environment go hand in hand with the quest for the ideal path to mental and physical rejuvenation. As civilization enters the new millennium, the urge to live each moment to the fullest acquires ever-increasing importance. Inspired by the philosophy behind a holistic approach to life, Eagleton - The Golf Village, is dedicated to satisfying the needs of 21 st century man.

"Clean living - luxury style".

This epithet describes Eagleton in a nutshell. It is a visionary space designed for you and your family to live, work and relax in tranquil, pollution-free ambience, surrounded by the inimitable beauty only nature can create. And complimented by International standards in comfort and convenience. All through the golf course - itself a classic in terms of challenge and excitement - occupies a major part of the village, Eagleton is by no means Golf centric. A virtual galaxy of activities, facilities and residential options has been provided, to cater to the most eclectic and demanding of tastes, as you will discover. Eagleton - The golf village is destined for a privileged group of discerning people, looking for a special way of life. We welcome them with pride and pleasure. To end on a personal note - Eagleton is my dream come true. Make it yours too.

Very truly yours,

M. Ashok Kumar
Chairman & Managing Director

Chamundeshwari Build Tech Pvt Ltd


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